Simple, Not Easy

"Simple, Not Easy" is a new, in-progress series of topics focused on the problems of drastically increasing complexity in the modern software development. Instead of trying to solve the problems of too many failing, complex and costly abstractions by adding even more complexity and bloat, let's try to move into the opposite direction.

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Modern Web in Numbers

Modern web is beyond broken. Even the simplest websites are becoming performance, privacy and accessibility nightmares.

And it's only getting worse.

Let's take a look at homepages of some popular websites:

Site Page Size JavaScript CSS Images TTI Score
cnn.com9 MB
322 requests
3.97 MB
104 requests
113.78 KB
3 requests
3.94 MB
73 requests
50 s12
nytimes.com4.08 MB
219 requests
2.19 MB
62 requests
74.06 KB
12 requests
951.27 KB
48 requests
32 s21
ebay.com1.4 MB
137 requests
429.47 KB
30 requests
27.77 KB
3 requests
720.09 KB
66 requests
13 s39
amazon.com1.39 MB
241 requests
326.67 KB
15 requests
57.12 KB
8 requests
683.16 KB
142 requests
11 s59
aliexpress.com766.62 KB
88 requests
433.65 KB
28 requests
21.39 KB
7 requests
195.71 KB
29 requests
9 s50
reddit.com1.52 MB
79 requests
563.72 KB
18 requests
1.71 KB
1 request
825.83 KB
40 requests
11 s29
Note: the numbers are for reference only; they are periodically refreshed by using PageSpeed Insights (mobile).

See Modern Web in Numbers for more.

Note: This site is implemented as a custom bliki and it's still in the early stages, but it's getting better.

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